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We assign a project manager to each project to provide constant and clear communication. Having worked with more than 400 clients, we know how to estimate, research, and plan any project with pinpoint precision. We measure our teams’ progress with EVA and other project metrics, including several custom metrics we’ve developed for specific types of work such as research and continuous quality assurance.

Capability Maturity Model assesses the proficiency of software development processes. It tracks progress from ad hoc actions to defined steps to measured results and optimized processes. For the system software development I prefer to use that programming language which is more suitable for the task, so most of my code is written on C/C++ and Delphi.

Migrating data to the new or updated software from existing applications or data sources if necessary. Testing with pre-planned scenarios as part of software design and coding — and conducting performance testing to simulate load testing on the applicatio. Programming software to give programmers tools such as text editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers and other tools to create code. Tri-C offers a variety of affordable and convenient community programs for both adults and youth. Tri-C’s Workforce Training provides both non-credit and credit training for individuals and businesses to assist individuals with skills leading to employment.

  • A feedback loop helps find and fix defects as functionality continues to deploy.
  • An important distinction is custom software development as opposed to commercial software development.
  • It helps us complete challenging projects and prepare unique content for you.
  • If any improvements are discovered during this step, all phases must be redone to implement the improvements.
  • We utilize C and C++ flexibility and interoperability to create desktop and mobile apps, performance-critical software, SQL servers, graphical user interfaces, and machine-to-machine systems.

Software engineering solutions adhere to the scientific method and must work in the real world, as with bridges or elevators. Their responsibility has grown as products have become increasingly more intelligent with the addition of microprocessors, sensors and software. Not only are more products relying on software for market differentiation, but their software development must be coordinated with the product’s mechanical and electrical development work. In addition to being an expert С++ development company, Apriorit has vast experience managing projects.


This is a sort of document that specifies all those things that need to be defined and created during the entire project cycle. They were very attentive to our needs as clients and went out of the way to make sure our projects were taken care of. They were always able to get projects done in the specifications we requested. They are passionate about getting things done; I would definitely recommend them to lead any IT projects.

C++ software development

If you’re getting irrelevant result, try a more narrow and specific term. Software Development is the development of software for distinct purposes. For software development, there is a specific programming language like Java, Python, C/C++, etc.

Software Development with C++

The steps of the software development process fit into application lifecycle management . The IBM Engineering Management solution is a superset of ALM that enables the management of parallel mechanical, electrical and software development. An important distinction is custom software development as opposed to commercial software development. Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. In contrast, commercial off-the-shelf software is designed for a broad set of requirements, allowing it to be packaged and commercially marketed and distributed.

C++ software development

In this step, we establish the problem statement and determine the problem’s boundaries. We must understand the problem description, what our requirements are, and what the result of the problem solution should be. These are specified in this initial step of the program development life cycle. Cambria’s C and C++ professionals have years of expertise creating a variety of applications.

In addition, we constantly share knowledge and experience between our teams. It enables access to low-level hardware features, to maximize speed and minimize memory requirements. From high-performance scientific software to embedded programs and Windows client apps.

IBM Engineering Workflow Management

The essential characteristics of the C language include low-level memory access, a modest selection of keywords, and a clean style. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Below is the list of services you might also want to check out to better learn what Integra Sources can do for you. Developing storage management and storage virtualization solutions using QEMA virtualization and Xen virtualization engines.

Presently, all of the projects that we have been working on are on pace and continuing as expected. In order to keep up with the new world, we are doing a lot of things in unison, with urgency. Be it relocation, extra security precautions or improved business continuity procedures, appropriate and immediate steps continue to be taken. Using software development C++ software development to differentiate brands and gain competitive advantage requires proficiency with the techniques and technologies that can accelerate software deployment, quality and efficacy. I’m Alexander Blade and this site of mine is dedicated to the software development, especially that ones which require a lot of assembler digging in order to be built.

C++ software development

The C++ programming language is utilized for either client or server-side development purposes. C++ is the most ideal choice, whether you need to deliver incredible user experience, or need high-performing middleware servers, or backend frameworks. We provide our clients with flexibility to choose the quantity and expertise level of the team, to expand or shrink development team whenever the resources or the project specifics requires. The software enables a virtually unlimited suspend-and-resume feature to handle work interruptions. Waterfall, often considered the traditional software development methodology, is a set of cascading linear steps from planning and requirements gathering through deployment and maintenance. “We have to keep up with what’s happening in the market.” Bak-Mikkelsen is head of cloud operations at car2go (link resides outside of

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C++, along with Delphi, is Cambria’s founder’s favorite programming language, having worked with it since the company’s inception in 1984. Cambria’s founder was the one most often relied upon for C and C++ programming in the early days, and the majority of the programs created were directly related to hardware. It denotes that the language is closely related to the hardware devices. With the necessary programming experience, you can augment your team and accelerate your software launch. Along with C and C++, our software engineers have an advanced level of Python, Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, web development languages. After the development of the product, testing of the software is necessary to ensure its smooth execution.

C is a procedural programming language that is well-suited for system programming such as operating system or compiler development. C++, on the other hand, is an object-oriented programming language that provides programs with a clear structure and allows code to be reused, cutting development costs. As part of our C++ development services, we develop embedded systems and design applications for smartphones, tablets, and PCs supported by Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. We also use C++ for the development of a graphical user interface. I am a fan of Team OdiTek since 2014 and have worked on many product development projects together.

Desktop and embedded application development

During this phase, we determine whether or not the code developed in the previous stage solves the described problem. That is, we test the program to see if it solves the problem for different input data values. We use C and C++ to build robust, object-oriented software that is capable of high-performance computation by combining high- and low-level language capabilities. We integrate mission-critical technologies into current business architecture to increase data integrity, security, processing speed, and IT support. Read this information to better understand the process of C/C++ software development.

After retrieving beneficial feedback, the company releases it as it is or with auxiliary improvements to make it further helpful for the customers. Swift is a general-purpose programming language that was created with a cutting-edge approach to… Hence you don’t have to worry about fixing those bugs later by another stage of development. Software development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

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Specially worth mentioning their deliveries on VAS Banking web application development & manual testing services for Smarta, UK. They are highly skilled & a professional team to work with. It’s been more than 4 years now that we are working with OdiTek on our cloud based web product development. It’s been amazing working together, they are very competent on designing scalable, high performance apps. Their technical support is outstanding to say the least, even at odd hours. I worked with OdiTek on few high profile banking application projects. They did a fantastic job with web applications & manual testing on the VAS apps for two leading banks of UK that included rigorous UAT phases.

Hence, it’s vital for a software developer to have prior knowledge of this software development process. CPP is an object-oriented programming language that is utilized for multi-device application development. The C++ language consolidates increased capacity and ideal execution of programming, which is the reason behind such popularity of this language. Furthermore, since this language has the best similarity with C and some other language, it can also be executed on various platforms. Planning is the crucial step in everything and so as in software development. In this same stage, requirement analysis is also performed by the developers of the organization.

C/C++ Outsourcing Services

Latest version of GTA San Andreas is fully supported now, library compatibility is improved! More than 1,000 credit courses are offered each semester in more than 200 career and technical programs. Tri-C also grants short-term certificates, certificates of proficiency and post-degree professional certificates. Whether you want to earn a degree, improve your skills, get certified, train for a new career, or explore a new hobby, you can choose from many programs and courses.

Hence, it is important for the coders to follow the protocols set by the association. Conventional programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. are also put into use at this stage. Some popular languages like C/C++, Python, Java, etc. are put into use as per the software regulations. C++ is an exceptionally amazing language, and it provides adaptable openness. In simple words, it is equally fruitful for beginners and experienced developers. Apart from that, C++ software development is the ideal decision for superior applications since it has the best performance flexibility.

Embedded C & C++ Programming

Discover what areas we work in and technologies we can help you leverage for your IT project. Apriorit has vast expertise, from endpoint and network security to virtualization and remote access. Make cloud migration a safe and easy journey with the help of top Apriorit DevOps experts. We can design, configure, maintain, and audit your cloud infrastructure to ensure great performance, flexibility, and security.

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